• Welcome to AOWEE

    You want to provide the best product or service in the market and it all starts with running a solid, efficient business. Let us help you develop the best people and the best processes.

    Welcome to AOWEE

    You want to provide the best product or service
    in the market and it all starts with running a
    solid, efficient business. Let us help you develop
    the best people and the best processes.

  • Assessments

    Our expert eyes can review your
    current strategy and pinpoint ways to
    increase cashflow and productivity as
    well as protect yourself from business losses.

  • Staff Development

    We offer team-builders, meeting facilitation, quality coaching and leadership development programs focused on improving results.

  • New Hire & Skills Training

    Our trainings can be accessed online - at work
    or from the privacy of your home. We can also
    train in-person at your office or at one of our
    training facilities.

  • Staffing Resources

    We train, develop and supply
    excellent workers.

Staffing: Scale to Meet Today's Needs

Can you use a little extra help? If not, consider whether that's because you're understaffed, overstaffed or staffed just right.

If you need an extra pair of helping hands, please know we supply excellent direct hire, temporary, contract and freelance professionals for sales, technical, administrative and customer support roles.

Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

Show your people they matter. Invest in Staff Development, Leadership Development & Executive Coaching and help them go farther professionally.

Our prestige executive coaching & consulting package provides department & business leaders with one-on-one trainingfrom the perspective of a small business owner.

A key focus is on
 leveraging the leader's personal management style to help them identify & eliminate the P.E.S.T. problems in your workplace & improve the bottom line.

Staff Development: Build The Skills Of Your Team

Congratulations, you won that new contract! Keep more of your hard earned dollars with staff training that improves operational cost savings and customer retention.

Also, when your team learns more, you can earn more. Group
 trainings can teach the new skills needed to help your team grow a bigger, better business or organization. 

Business Process Improvement: Find Your Perfect Flow

Beautiful chaos is nice to look at, but impossible to work well in. Inefficiencies and broken processes can cause your business to lose talent, time, money and even new income opportunities. 

A Business Process Review, Assessment & Redesign is a great foundation for creating better policies & procedures to address your most-pressing business needs and challenges. Next, you can improve your workflow with customized training based on your new methods and procedures. 

Personal & Professional Development: Inside Out

The unfortunate truth is re-organizations, layoffs, getting fired or being subjected to workplace bullying can scar the soul.

Call for details on how our Pathway to Healing Personal and Professional Development Programs teach workplace coping skills that support individual and team performance.  


Staff Development Resources On-the-Go

The pace of life doesn't have to derail personal and staff development goals. We have listen on-the-go resources featuring an army of experts. To check out our Working Knowledge Radio Show, click here.

Developing Supportive Teammates

Try our video maker at Animoto.

Our Mission Statement

We are in the business-building, people-building and team-building business. Our mission is to provide a one-stop shop approach to meeting the essential staffing & staff development needs of your business.

Our ultimate goal is to help you grow a bigger, better business by teaching behaviors, skills and strategies that increase cashflow and productivity. And, we go beyond simply training excellent employees, we provide them.

Our Core Strengths

  • •   Staffing
  • •   Staff Development
  • •   Business Process Improvement
  • •   Executive Coaching & Consulting

Learning Is Its Own Reward

But you can still celebrate it! Give employee awards, encouragements and appreciation gifts to mark professional achievements.

Anything Bugging You At Work?

Ask for this quiz to find out if workplace P.E.S.T. problems may be impacting the success of your organization. We can help.

Cute bug presenting checklist of problems. 

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